What is the boot insulation or temperature rating?

Our boots use a special insulation designed to work in conjunction with the Sympatex® Moisture-Tech membrane, allowing for maximum breathability and moisture-wicking while retaining warmth. 

Boots with a single inner liner such as the Cordus or Contego have 600 grams of insulation. These are designed for people who run hot or are active riders in temperatures on the warmer side of typical riding conditions. 

Boots with a 2-in-1 liner such as the Nimbus or Vivid have 1200 grams of insulation, including the removable inner liner. These boots are designed for colder feet, less active riding or very cold temperatures.

To maximize the performance of our snowmobile boots, pair them with Merino Wool socks suited to the day’s conditions to maximize warmth, breathability and moisture-wicking.

TOBE does not publish temperature ratings for the boots because of the number of variables involved: foot circulation, sock thickness and material, riding style, riding conditions. Given we are from northern Sweden though, in our experience with the right socks and gear the boots will be comfortable and warm in riding temperatures as low as you're willing to be out. 

If you have further questions, please reach out to our support team for a consultation on what boots and socks will best fit your needs.