Are your boots waterproof and durable?

Our design philosophy for boots is very simple. Make boots that are comfortable from day one and protective, warm, dry and reliable for years to come. No, they’re not very colorful, but we don’t think that matters much when they have a reputation for providing exceptional all-around performance on the mountain and the trail.

Our proprietary combination of high-quality natural rubber outsoles, a durable leather upper, the highest tensile strength BOA® system, and a refined fit have proven to be a winning formula.

We build our boots with the Sympatex® Moisture-Tech membrane, which guarantees superior warmth and waterproofing. The performance is proven both in the lab, during a 14-hour partially-submerged walk test, and in the field. 

Our natural rubber outsoles are known for their durability. Snowmobile guides and workers who use snowmobiles know how often they have to replace boots because the soles fall apart. It's not uncommon for guides to need a couple pairs of our competitors boots per season, while TOBE boots last season after season. 

While the video was filmed in 2015 and our products are different, the waterproofing, durability and reliability testing remains just as rigorous.